Welcome to the official website of BSA Troop 621.  We have created this website to communicate all the awesome programming we have available for those seeking adventure. The photos below were taken on some of our recent high adventure trips to Colorado to experience Mountain Biking, Hiking, and White Water Rafting! If your Webelos Den would like to visit our Troop, please contact Mr. Rayner at chairman@troop621.com to arrange an evening for your Webelos to join us. We look forward to sharing with you the programs and delivery techniques that make our Troop unique. Thanks for visiting and come again!


Posted on Oct 25 2013 - 4:13pm

The time for Recharter has come again which means it is time for dues payment.  We are asking that dues of $75/scout and $15/registered adult be paid to the troop no later than Tuesday 11/12/13 in order to insure that your son is included on the 2014 recharter which is due to the district on 11/14/13.  Please contact Chris Rayner if you have any questions or concerns.

Class B shirts have arrived!

Posted on Aug 31 2013 - 2:58pm

The reorder of Class B shirts has come in!  I will bring the Class B shirts with me to Tuesday's Troop meeting, September 3rd.  If you placed an order for small or mediums, your shirts have been reserved.  If you ordered or need any size of shirts, we have them on hand as well!  Class B shirts are $15.00.  If you did not place an order with me, you can still order them.  Just email me with the quantity and sizes.  Sizes range from Adult Small to Adult XX Large(maybe 1 or 2 XXXL left but will check). And yes, these are the same design and color of Class B from last year.

Class B Shirts

Posted on Jul 10 2013 - 5:51pm

The Troop currently needs to order Adult Small and Adult Medium Class B Shirts.  In order to have a good estimate on our order total, if you would like to order either a Small or Medium shirt, please email me at treasurer@troop621.com with your size and quantity.   We have a sufficient supply of Adult Large, XL and XXL at this time.  If you would like one please of those let me know that too.  I would estimate that the Adult Smalls and Adult Mediums will be $15 just like the other shirts.

Trailer Saga Ends

Posted on Dec 10 2012 - 11:15pm

The saga ends tonight! 

 Troop 621 miraculously is in possession of their stolen trailer and much of its stolen equipment.   The Troops Charter Representative was able to gain possession of the trailer and the remaining contents around 5 pm this evening even as the news media was airing our continued story.  We want to extend a sincere “Thank You” to all who were involved in supporting our Scouts, and especially to the media for their diligent attention to this situation, which aided tremendously to the recovery of our trailer and equipment.  

Troop Trailer

Posted on Dec 8 2012 - 10:56pm

Our stolen trailer, has been recovered by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on December 3rd.  It was recovered at West Washington Street, Indianapolis.  We were notified that our trailer was in a Police impound lot by a letter received on Friday December 7.  We want to thank the IMPD for recognizing our trailer as stolen and recovering it.  We especially want to thank the news media for rapidly spreading the news about our stolen trailer so that its recovery was possible.

Troop Trailer

Posted on Dec 1 2012 - 11:01am

The following announcement is in response to local media coverage concerning the troop trailer being stolen.  For monetary donations, please contact John Alexander at jdagwood@att.net.  For all other donations, please contact Jim Castellano at jim@fireserviceinc.com.

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